Air Compressor Spesification

  • High Efficiency IE4 Motor
  • Tapered Connection
  • High Heat Resistance up to 180 deg C
  • No demagnetization


The soft star of the air compressor significantly reduces the impact on both electrical and mechanical component as compared to a full voltage start or start delta start design, Inverter control ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration of the compressor which translates to smooth driving voltage and current characteristic curve


Pemanent magnet synchronous motor has no slip, electrical excitation and low heat loss, The motor has a 5 – 12% higher efficiency compared to a synchronous motor of the same capacity and maintaints high efficiency even when running at low speed.


Xinlei’s permanent magnet variable speed series air compressor is designed to operate with low noise level. A majority of variable speed air compressor is utilized to run below it is rated full speed and there fore reduces the noise level also relates to lower mechanical wear and tear and therefore extends the lifetime of equipment. variable speed drive variable speed drive

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